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I enjoy helping & teaching people how to get started building an online business & work from home online. Me well, I have bought thousands of courses products and services over the years from. Ecommerce, drop-shipping, Affiliate marketing, website builders, autoresponders, lead page builders, hosting, software programs and so on. 

I write blog reviews on all the services I have purchased and used. To help you better understand & help you with your internet marketing training, helping you get started working from home online.

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Tips for you to get started 

For examples for internet marketing training. I just want to quickly go through:

  • How to build a website & Hosting
  • How to build content to get ranked in Google
  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Products to promote
  • Building an email list

These are just some of the things you need to do to start a business & work from home online. This will apply for all local businesses trying to get rankings on Google. Affiliate marketing selling digital & physical products. eCommerce and selling your own products and services through your business. it is a great feeling working from home online. Everything to help with internet marketing training.

Building A Website & Hosting

Every online business needs a website. In order for you to have a website you need somewhere to store it. A bit like storing money in your bank so to speak. This is called hosting and there are plenty of hosting companies out there just like banks. Hosting companies use servers and server space for you to store your sites on.

This is where your actual website is stored. And you have full access to your website from the comfort of your own home 24/7.Here are two hosting companies I highly recommend to help you with your internet marketing training, if you are unsure? Bluehost & Site-ground.

Once you have decided what hosting company to go with it is time to start building your website. To start off you need a name for your new website. This is known as a domain name, something like "". Not to worry about the name though as you don't have to have the same domain. Com name as your website.

Also to help you with internet marketing training and work from home online. Here are a few hosting companies to give you some ideas :) .


Internet Marketing Training

Bluehost is a great option and a really good hosting company. You also have the option to purchase all your website domain names here too. Prices start from $2.95 pm for a basic one website. Below is the list of prices for shared hosting.

  • Basic             $2.95
  • Plus               $5.45
  • Choice Plus $5.95
  • Pro                $13.95

This is really great value for money. And having the choice to buy your domain names from bluehost too. This is ideal for you too keep everything in one place. (Hosting and domain names). Blue Host offers a website builder too with many more hosting options for you to get into.

Read my full review here.



Internet Marketing Training

Another great hosting company for internet marketing training is Site-Ground. Again very reasonably priced company and I also have websites hosted with site-ground. Pricing is reasonable too for managed word-press hosting starting from. 

  • Start Up    $5.99   per month
  • Grow Big  $8.99   pm
  • Go Geek   $12.99  pm

What Website Platform To Use

internet marketing and reviews

The most common websites today to help you work from home online are from The hosting company you sign up with will have Word-Press integration. This means they will automatically install word-press for you. They will then give you your login details so you can log in to your back end of your website. 

The back end of you website is where you will start to build out the structure of your website. Including your content, headers, images and videos. The front end of your website is what you are looking at right now. Other website platform builders are Joomla and Drupel these are also free to use along with word-pres. Word-press is the easiest to use as you will see later. 

Word-press is built up of themes and plugins that creates the structure of your site. With word-press you can get thousands of themes you can use to build out your site. I personally don't use these themes though as most of them are slow at loading into a browser and this can put potential buyers off. You can use a free theme to start with though as you can change this later.

What Themes To Use

Now I use payed themes as these are not only faster at loading. But you get more options to play around with your site to suit you. A-lot better in my experience. it is well worth investing a little into buying a payed theme. A great place to start is theme forest . They have thousands of word-press themes covering ecommerce fitness and shopping themes and many more.

Another great place to get payed themes is mytheme shop again plenty of choice with great templates. With payed themes you have a lot more control over your sites. You get more theme options with more access to edit elements of your site. This helps massively in your user experience.

Building Content To Get Ranked In Google

Once you have created & built your website with payed or a free theme to start with. It's now time to start building out your content. Writing quality relative content is the blood of of your website and helps you get ranked on google. Fundamental for internet marketing training.

  • Headers 
  • Content & Readability


Headers are important to the style and look of your site. When working and editing in word-press you have the option of resizing your fonts. Some editors are automatic using "H tags" & paragraphs.

H tags stands for header tags they range from 1  to 6 in size and 1 been the largest header tag. Headers are best used at the beginning of a paragraph and can be colored to the color you choose.

Paragraphs are the lines of text you create in the font of your choice. This should be another option used in certain word-press editors to make you writing experience a lot easier.

Content & Readability

There are a few ways you can produce quality content for your site. The first one is to write your own content (Highly Recommended). This is what I always do when I build out my websites also it reduces the the risk of copying anyone else. My focus when I'm writing is to use 3 lines of text per paragraph at 18px (pixel size).

Write no more than 20 words per sentence. Then start a paragraph with a different beginning. Two great plugins to help with writing are Rank Math or Yoast SEO but you can't have both. You also have the option of having content written for you by hiring a professional writer.

I used to do this when I first started out using fiver or up-work this is ideal if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Make sure if you do this they have great feedback and they don't copy (plagiarism). Do your research when searching for a good writer communication is everything. 

Choosing The Right Keywords

Choosing Keywords are important when writing content, without adding keywords to your content it will be difficult for your website to get ranked on google. No one will find you. We need to be looking for low ranking keywords. Low ranking keywords are keywords that have low competition for the specific keyword you want to use. 

There are tools you can use to find low ranking keywords. One of the free ones is Google keyword planner. All you need to do is type in the keywords you want to build your content around and press search. Google will then give you the results based on high, medium and low competition. It's the low ranking keywords we need to be looking at.

Ignore the paid keywords for now they are used when we run Google ads. I will cover this at a later date but for now keyword planner is good to get you started. Just have a browse through for your ideal keywords and remember it's the low ranking keywords we need. Google Keyword Planner

Products To promote

Finding the right products to promote can be a minefield when you are just starting out. You have a lot of choice to sell online. But the hard bit is deciding what path you want to take? Best to pick one option to start with. I have listed a few to help get you started to work from home online.

  • eCommerce  (Selling physical products on your website).
  • Drop-shipping (selling products straight form a company to the buyer)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Digital Products & Courses).


concrete seed formula

More options for you in eCommerce are selling on Amazon FBA, eBay, Etsy and Shopify. Now you don't necessarily need a website for Amazon FBA, eBay and Etsy, you can sell direct. You can however run a website outside of them. Amazon FBA is a great business model. You don't need a website, funnel system or email an list.

Simply buy products from your local retail stores. Take them home to box up and send them into amazon FBA. FBA stands for fulfilled by Amazon. So you send in the products and Amazon does the rest of the work for you including dealing with your returns. Another great business model.


work from home online

Shopify is another great way to sell products but is a drop-shipping platform also uses the word-press framework. Drop-shipping is selling from a company direct to the buyer to make a profit. You can use Shopify or your own hosted website to do drop-shipping.

Personally for me I like to stick to affiliate marketing it does take some time to implement. There is a lot to learn and sometimes can be hard work at first with content creation. But long term is the best business model for Internet marketing training & start work from home online.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Another great benefit to Internet marketing training is affiliate marketing. Definitely number one on my list. Especially when it comes to digital products. If it's affiliate marketing for you then best place to get started is Click-Bank. There are many more but Click-bank is a good place to start.

Click bank is a great place to start when you are starting out but also can be confusing. Click Bank is a market place for affiliates who can promote other peoples digital products (websites) that are listed there. Thousands of digital products to promote from different categories.

When I say confusing that means it can be confusing for beginners just starting out. Click-Bank is really easy to navigate and easy to use. Just find a product to promote in the marketplace click promote and you will get your affiliate link. I would not use naked affiliate links. This means don't just put your affiliate links all over your social media as you will get banned for spamming.

You need to send traffic to your niche website and write good quality content about the certain product you promote. Find all of the positives and negative from the product, even buy it to see what is about? This will give you a better understanding to the content you create around it. 


A lot of affiliates just staring out focus on what's called gravity. Gravity is the amount of affiliates promoting that product. So in other words the higher the gravity the higher the competition showing that the products do sell. Personally I don't focus too much on gravity, around 12 to 25 gravity is fine if you are starting out.

There are other affiliate market places too like : Commission Junction, J.V Zoo and many more. Also there are a lot of products and services that are not listed in these market places. The best place to start with these is Google. just search for: eg: "person in mind" affiliate program. 

There are 100's of 1000's of products and services as an affiliate to promote online even sofa companies. Most wont be listed above in the affiliate market places. But again you can just do a Google search to find them. You can Google search just about anything you can think of. Simply type affiliate program at the end of your search.

Read more about this here. 

Building An Email List

Get response

Building an email list is a great way to stay in contact with your subscribers. A big part to work from home online. Keeping them up to date with latest news an offers you have. The best way to do this is having an email autoresponder. Auto responders are a great piece of kit because you can automate all of your emails.

This saves you a ton of time eliminating having to write emails out all the time. That can be time consuming at the best especially if you have a massive list. Automating the process makes work so much easier. There are so many different autoresponders out there today. 

The most popular are A-weber, Get-Response for a cheaper option then Click-Funnels for a bit more pricier choice. All work great but I use Get-Response over A-weber for the cheaper option of the two. Another must for internet marketing training. get response is great in my view because you have automation. This helps you track your subscribers actions. 

Read more About Get-response in depth here. 


Having and starting an online business can take some time to get results. Most people don't have any patience and try to dive right in too quick. Especially with affiliate marketing? I have seen this happen too many times. A lot of beginners have no patience then get frustrated when they don't get quick results. This then leads to spamming people and most of the time get blocked or taken down by Google.

Another problem is jumping from one course to the next. Looking for the next best thing. This causes more frustration as opposed to taking action. Nothing ends up been applied and one thing I do know in my experience is to apply everything till it works. Stay focused on one course when starting out and try to cut out all distractions of daily life like television.

TV or television is great when you have nothing to do? But trying to set up an online business needs full concentration and watching TV is a massive distraction. Same applies for playing on video games? The two have got to be the worst time consuming distractions of daily life. Social media is another one?

When I first started out I fell victim to these very things? I couldn't understand why nothing was getting done? Once I recognized where I was going wrong I started writing down everything I was doing throughout the day. I was amazed at how much time I was wasting and was soon able to cut the habits out of my daily routine.

Thanks again for clicking through to my site. Please follow all my posts and learn as much as you can in internet marketing training. very confident to helping you get started to work from home online and starting an internet business making money online.

Please leave comments on my posts and I will help you out.

Kind regards 


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