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  • Learn how to start a brand new Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Business and get your first $10,000 in sales.
  • This is a really good time to start an Amazon business during the current crisis we are going through.
  • You don't need a website, you don't need to build a funnel system and you don't need an email list to start this business.

Hi, I'm Karl. I buy online courses and review them.

Today I have a great opportunity for you to look at before it's  taken down forever.

What Is Ecommerce Freedom 

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Ecommerce Freedom limited was founded and developed by Oliver Denyer. Ollie has focused all of his skills and experience selling online to develop the powerful FBA Secrets 2.0 Concrete Seed Formula course.. This is one of if not the best Amazon FBA course out there in my personal opinion. 

FBA Secrets was designed to help people like you and me learn how to sell on Amazon. "Ollie" has developed all of the video tutorials in this course himself, not only to get you started but To eliminate all the mistakes people can make when first building up an Amazon business. 

I first purchased this Amazon FBA course a few years ago when I was looking to do eCommerce and try my hand at selling on Amazon. It was quite tough at first. Because the first few courses I bought wasn't really any good and quite hard to follow. 

After a lot of trial and error and disappointment I started searching on YouTube that's when I found a guy called Oliver Denyer. He seemed very sincere and down to earth I decided to stick with his channel. Then eventually I purchased FBA Secrets 2.0 Concrete Seed Formula course.

Oliver was like me, like minded individual who was stuck in his day to day job not moving forward. Now I know we all have to work and I don't knock that. But in my case I was stuck in my last engineering job for 15 years and I had had enough. I knew then I had to make some changes in my life or I would be stuck forever.

Oliver Denyer

Time To Make New Changes In Life

I knew by this time I had change. I had to change my mindset my normal way of thinking. I knew I had to start working on myself and change my thought process and stay positive. I was constantly focusing on been my own boss and working for myself. this led me to think about new possibilities.

Deciding what to do was hard at first then I decided I wanted to work from home full time. I didn't know where to start but I knew I had to get my head into some books. After  a bit of research I made up my mind, I decided on trying Ecommerce, digital marketing and web design. 

I first started out in "IT". I studied all the courses at my local college in the UK outside of my day job. I leaned web design and programming to start with as I knew this would help set up up in eCommerce and selling online.  After a lot of persistence and focus. I then left my full time job in 2015 and I have been working online ever since then.

The Current Crisis

2020 has been a nightmare with the global spread of the virus. Small businesses been wiped out due to lockdowns as we speak and it continues. There are still big companies that are pulling through and one of them is Amazon.

There has never been a better time to start an Amazon FBA business. A massive percentage of Amazon's profits boils down to us sellers. Selling products on Amazon FBA. If you have been taking about setting up an eCommerce business I would highly recommend jumping on board with this Amazon FBA Business model.

It is possible to start an Amazon FBA business on your own. Times can get difficult though when you run into hurdles? Finding the right mentor and training and becoming part of a big community is key to helping pull through all of the potential hurdles that can happen.

Amazon continues to thrive through this pandemic and there is no sign of this dying off in the near future. More and more warehouses are been built as we speak creating more opportunities for work and more opportunities for Amazon FBA sellers.

Here is a great review from Ecom-Community

Some Obvious Questions About Amazon

An obvious question that maybe going around in your mind is how hard is it to sell on Amazon? And maybe how to start a business selling on the Amazon platform? That’s a good valid question. The answer depends entirely on context and how you view it. 

Possibilities of your questions for success depend on how well you know the platform. The first step to answering how to start a business selling online is to focus on early sales. This is a great opportunity to get you started and boost your morale.

This way, you won’t have to digest all the information at once and your confidence will go through the roof. After successfully completing the basic steps, you will be introduced to the more complicated aspects of online business. Oliver likes to call it ‘progressive difficulty’.

Oliver made me realized one thing over the course of my business selling online.

That is everything depends on your mindset. Approximately 20% depends on the strategies we use and the online algorithms and whatnot. The rest 80% is entirely up to you. How you want to approach your goals will determine the level of success you can reach.

The first phase of the Concrete Seed Formula is developed keeping this in mind.

The goal of phase one is to get your head right. To create a vision for you so you cannot back out even if your brain wants to.

Let’s look at the phases of The Concrete Seed Formula.

  • Phase One: Release Limits... One of the most destructive, success killing things a person can have in their journey to building a business... Is limiting beliefs...                                                                                    
  • Phase Two: Build Capital... Once you've has some early sales and began the process of the inner transformation. next you need to build some resources.
  • Phase Three: Develop Systems... Once you have hit $3,000 in sales you will know what your doing is working. At this point you will have a skill for finding products and a strategy hat works for you.                                                                                        
  • Phase Four: Automate & Scale... Once you've built a business that creates predictable results , the final phase is to ramp up your system as quickly as possible.

The most effective way to grow FAST is to ensure you're working on your business and not in it.

Ecommerce Freedom Limited Introduces

FBA Secrets 2.0: Please Keep Reading!

Oliver Denyers FBA Secrets 2.0 Concrete Seed Formula Course Is very in depth and straight to the point. He teaches you step by step over the shoulder tutorials that are easy to follow. He shows you everything you need to know including showing you how to set up your:

  • Accounts, 
  • Taxes, 
  • UPS Delivery
  • Where & how to source products
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Private label

And a whole lot more. You could have your own amazon FBA business up & running in no time at all. Also if you take action with this opportunity you could be potentially making your first sales within 90 days or even sooner.

Get Your First Sales In 90 Days Starting With These Top Offers

The Smash Hit Product Radar FREE Download

This is a FREE pdf explaining how to laser target hot products to sell on Amazon, below is the link for the FREE download.

The Ultimate Private Label 
Product Research 


Now available is an in depth handbook, Oliver has put a lot of work into this, see below for more info

FBA Secrets 2.0

FBA Secrets is the full video course. In this in depth training you will learn how to get set up and running and start selling on Amazon FBA 

He has gone through a-lot of  hard work and product research to bring this opportunity and training  to the public. Starting with a FREE pdf "The Smash Hit Product Radar" This is 100% completely Free for download

The "Smash Hit Product Radar" Is a 100% FREE pdf you can claim right now ".

FBA secrets 2.0 ideal for you to get started. Ollie has developed a product radar technique to help you with your product research. 

This helps you identify exactly what the best hot product are to start selling on Amazon.

Another great offer that "Ollie" has developed is:

"The Ultimate Private Label Product Research Handbook"

This tells you how to use deep product research to be 100% confident you’ve chosen a product that will sell. Oliver has put some work into this manual and I know it will pay off ,if you decide to take action on it.

FBA Secrets 2.0 is an awesome in depth course! If this sounds something of interest then I would highly recommend checking this course out wile it still lasts. Also stay and read more here, Ollie has a great offer for you too. He has developed:

"The Ultimate Private Label Handbook".

He had to put a small price on this due to the product research that went into it. you can pick this up today for a special price of $7.00 "The ultimate Private Label Handbook"

You may have read a few 'business book's in the past that offer a very generic overview of how to get success, or how to become an entrepreneur.

This book is very different from what you might be used to reading.

t's very short (only 37 pages) so you'll be able to read it in one sitting, and instead of filling it with 'fluff', it contains a very detailed look at the strategies that are in use and working for lots of people right now.

Once you've read it, you'll have a deep understanding of the system Ollie personally uses to research, import and launch products on Amazon.

By using this repeatable skillset, you can build an 'Ecommerce Portfolio' and launch several brands on Amazon. So this book is about more than "just" selling on Amazon. Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

  • A Walkthrough Of the 'Simplified' Product Research & Analysis Process.
  • Learn the powerful strategy of importing 'private label' products from China.
  • 6 Essential Tools For Product Analysis:
  • The 'Smash Hit' Product Criteria:
  • Why You Should NEVER Import 'Hot Selling' Phone Accessories:
  • 'Smash Hit' Products You Should AVOID:
  • How To Build A Lifelong Relationship With A Supplier:
  • The TRUTH About Products That Fill A GAP In The Marketplace:
  • Say Goodbye To 'Dead Product Doubt':
  • How to run an ecommerce business without ever speaking to any customers.
  • You need to develop genius market research powers right?... Wrong!
  • Use my 'Smash Hit' product radar to seek out a hot seller within a few hours of searching.
  • How to sell products that NEVER get swamped with competition.
  • The truth about what makes newbie ecommerce sellers fail miserably.

These are just some of the sections listed here you can read more in depth about what's in this book here:

"The ultimate Private Label Handbook"

FBA Secrets 2.0 Concrete Seed Formula: Please Keep Reading!

Created by Oliver Denyer, eCommerce specialists and highly skilled in selling on Amazon FBA. FBA Secrets 2.0 course is a very in-depth beginner friendly Amazon course. Teaching you how to set up an amazon FBA business not just for beginners but also current Amazon sellers wanting to scale up their business. 

Don't Make The Mistakes I Made When You First Start Out Online ...

I have spent a small fortune on courses over the past few years. When I first got started with trying to figure out how to make money online I found it difficult. I was hard because I was overthinking the process all the time and moving on to the next best thing.(Buying more courses).

This is where a lot of people go wrong when first starting out. They get very frustrated when results don't happen right away then go buy another course. I know because this is exactly what I did for about 2 years. As it turned out, when it finally clicked I was overthinking every course I ever bought.

Not listening  and trying to be clever and do things my own way was a bad mistake. With FBA Secrets 2.0 Oliver helps you to try and eliminate these types of problems. he has developed guided mindset solutions and check sheets you can use for your own progress. It is a great all round Amazon FBA course...


Ollie is an ecommerce and lifestyle business enthusiast. He's sold over $1,000,000 worth of products that he's never had to touch, pack or ship himself. A persistent disdain towards feeling like he's in a "job" has inspired him to create businesses that are FUN to run. This means leveraging big companies to ship products, outsourcing laborious tasks to a team of VA's and running everything from a laptop. He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and helping people find more freedom through business.

Oliver Denyer is a really good mentor and highly skilled at selling on Amazon. The training in the FBA Secrets concrete seed formula are very in depth with great detail so you can't go wrong. I think the real key for you ( if you decide to take up this offer)? 

Is to take your time going through the course follow everything Oliver teaches you and take massive action. It is people who find the drive & desire to not give in when things get hard, that succeed. This is real business and not a quick get rich program that anyone can start with great real results.

I'm not sure how long Oliver will be keeping up this offer? If you want to build  great Amazon FBA business then I would definitely highly recommend it. You could at least take a look to see what he has to offer... He has a great free video getting started guide when you first sign up and well worth it... 

Here it is: FBA Secrets 2.0 The Concrete Seed Formula

What you will be getting inside FBA Secrets 2.0 Concrete Seed Formula

  1. 1
    Get Full Access To The Video Tutorials.. Over a 100 video tutorials teaching you step by step how to get started. & how to scale up your Amazon business.
  2. 2
    Full Access to: The free Smash Hit Product Radar and the Ultimate Private Label Hand Book... Oliver also gives you access to his new pdf The 15 Smash Hit Products.
  3. 3
    Access to Free Starter Guide videos: This shows you how to set up your account. Finding profitable stock, 60 second product analysis and creating a shipment....

You will full access to: Phase 1 "Releasing limits",  Phase 2 "Building Capital", Phase 3 "Developing Systems", Phase 4 "Automate & Scale", Concrete Seed Formula Workbook, Expanding From UK To Europe, Advance Trainings, How To Dropship Products to eBay With FBA, Getting Ungated In Restricted Categories, Expert Interviews, Facebook Group and the Marketing Triforce. Total Value worth $6,652. You won't pay that today! Please read on as Oliver has got a great special offer for you. 

First read what some of his student have to say...

What Some of Oliver's Students Have To Say... 

Paul has grown his business to £50,000 per month.”

"Life changing, the single biggest event in my life since my wedding. Oliver Denyer has changed my life and I will never forget him for that. FBA Secrets 2.0 allows Joe Bloggs to run their own business with no prior knowledge. I cannot think of any business model that can say that.

Paul Maddern

“Barbie managed to get crazy results, despite been a single mum! She hit  £30,000 in the last  30 days"

“This is my first quarter 4 as you'd know and sales have been incredible. Next year can only get bigger and better for all of us for sure. A huge thank you to Oliver Denyer  or making this happen for me. And also to those who helped me on the way."

Barbie Town

“Glen has Quickly transitioned to private labels and hit £1,300 sales in a day, less than 6 months into building his business."

“Just wanted to say f...... huge thankyou from the bottom of my heart Oliver for inspiring us on this journey and huge kudos to you folks.(Our FBA Family) who, throughout mammoth skepticism and self doubt have got off your asses and sent stuff in....

Glen Kirkham

Todays Price

Having bought FBA Secrets 2.0 course and using it myself I can tell you it is well worth the money. I have spent thousands on courses wanting to learn eCommerce and selling on Amazon and eBay and the courses where rubbish compared to this.  Oliver has a great offer for you today you can get access to everything and his bonuses & support for:  $697

Click on the link below to go through to the sales page.

100% Money Back Guaranteed

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I love to help people learn how to work from home online. I now focus focus on buying online courses and reviewing them. This is a huge advantage for people starting out especially with eCommerce and Amazon FBA.

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