Online Work From Home Jobs

online work from home jobs

All of 2020 & the beginning of 2021 has been a nightmare for most. As we move forward things are starting to look bad in the shape of the economy. More and more people are moving to online work from home jobs and working purely from home.

There are plenty of online jobs out there and the one I personally prefer the most is affiliate marketing. I will crate a whole blog post going through all types of online jobs. But for the nature of this post I want to try talk you into affiliate marketing.

You probably here a lot about affiliate marketing and to be honest most people get fed up of hearing about it. I understand it's not for a lot of people and I appreciate that. But out of ecommerce, drop-shipping and selling on Amazon. Affiliate marketing is the best online work from home jobs.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Well I have been affiliate marketing now for the past 6 years and before that I tried everything. I have done droop-shipping, ecommerce and selling on Amazon and to be honest it's hard. Affiliate marketing is still challenging but easier that them all.

You don't have to handle any stock, you don't have orders to fulfil and you don't have to deal with returns, Amazon FBA is a bit different as Amazon take care with a lot of that but again you do need put in a decent amount of money upfront around $10k for decent return.

So out if them all affiliate marketing is the best option in my experience. Below I explain to you a brilliant place to start out if you are a beginner. Because it is free to sign up on the beginner package and they have loads of free training and a fee hosted website.

Best Place To Go To Get Started

This is aimed at the beginner and novice but can also apply to advanced affiliate marketers who can't find their feet. The place I'm talking about is wealthy affiliate and below is a full review of all the pros and cons and exactly what you get when you sign up.

Just to mention if you are looking to to make money quick online you are in the wrong place. With any business online or offline it takes a bit of work and the right mindset to be successful. It is more than achievable in todays market.

All you need is the right mentor the right training (cost effective). And the will and desire to take action when required. Wealthy affiliate has a wealth of opportunity for you to take action and get started. Read my full review below.



online work from home jobs


So what is wealthy affiliate about and what is the pros and cons?

In my wealthy affiliate review 2020, I will be going through all the pros and cons of the platform and giving you my full analysis. I will get right into this and start with all the benefits and the pros.

Who owns WA (Wealthy Affiliate)? It is owned, created, and operated by two of the world’s best webmasters. Their names are Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. They created the company in 2005 after a tough process of creating a legitimate legal business plan before getting up and running.

It is still a strong and legitimate company in 2020, growing stronger and stronger every day. It is their goal to help absolutely everyone who is serious about building a successful internet business in a legal ethical way.


Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform and community designed to teach people how to become an affiliate marketer. As a beginner on a low budget, WA (wealthy affiliate) is said to be the best place to get started if you want to learn affiliate marketing.

They currently run two memberships. One is the starter membership, this is completely free to join and sign up. The second membership is a paid premium membership and you have the choice of paying monthly or yearly. Going back to the free membership startup, as I said above this is ideal if you’re on a low limited budget because you get free training and two free websites.

The other benefit to WA is they do not allow spamming within the community, they have a strict policy on how they train their members within the WA community. This includes focusing on a long term business and ignoring the gurus who tell you how you can make a huge amount of money quick.  WA does not teach this kind of method, they teach you affiliate marketing in a correct ethical legal way.

The process is quite simple.


Free Starter Membership

Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to join no credit needed and free to get started, they offer a great affiliate program that you can also promote for free. This has great potential for recurring revenue. Brilliant for online work from home jobs.

When you join you get added to the massive community (Now over 2 million) serving members from all different levels who are willing to help you learn affiliate marketing along with your training.

When you sign up you get:

● Getting started training (Video) and written.

● Beginner training course (Video) and written.

● Video walkthrough training

● Affiliate Bootcamp training (Phase 1) (Video) and written.

● 2 websites

● High-speed web hosting

● Access to keyword tool (jaaxy)

● Personal blog

● WA affiliate program

● Rapid Content writer

Below is a screenshot of training HQ

This is a free starter account I created for the purpose of this review.


The training is in the form of a video and a full description of the training. This is presented by Kyle the co-founder of wealthy affiliate.

As a starter, you get free training step by step so to help you get started. Below is another screenshot of the affiliate Bootcamp training. In the affiliate Bootcamp, you get 7 courses and 70 lessons!


You will also get free live video training with Jay an ambassador at WA from Magni Studios, these are recorded so if you miss the session you can watch the replays any time, they cover YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing and loads more.

I added another screenshot below.

Live Training

As you can see this date covers Instagram! The screenshots I am using here are a recent account I set up just for you, to show you what you get as a beginner if you decide to give this a go? This is the free starter package.

Build Your Free Websites

The screenshot below shows you what you will see when you click on the websites tab “build your free websites”? If you decide to get full free access to this awesome beginner-friendly community and training, when you first sign up you will get a nice welcome

message from Kyle and Carson the co-founders of the community.

They will be giving you help and advice to get you started, the first thing you need to do is complete your profile starting with a profile picture or a free sample picture. Once you have completed this stage of setting up your account you can stay free as long as you like.

So these are just some of the great benefits that you get for free as a beginner it is so easy to get going with this training. It is possible depending on your knowledge to start generating affiliate commissions from the training in the starter package but I would highly recommend later when you find your feet to go premium.

Be A Starter Member Affiliate

The other great service WA has to offer is that they have a great affiliate program. If you sign up as a beginner you to can also promote WA services as an affiliate on a free account. Every time you refer someone you will get paid a recurring commission. Depending on how many people you refer you can earn a decent monthly passive income.



What You Get With Premium Membership

As I mentioned earlier, you won’t get the full benefits that you would if you were premium for starts you only get two free websites, with the premium you get 25 free websites and 25 websites of your own that you can also purchase from WA and full hosting is included with premium. What you get for going premium. Education Features & Benefits.

● Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes

● Plug Into Over 300 Hours of Expert Education

● Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)

● Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

● Incredible Catalogue of Industry Training

● Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)

● Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training

● Your Own Authority WA Blog Website Features & Benefits

● A Website Platform You Can Grow With

● 3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs

● 51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”

● Site-Domains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform

● Site-Speed, Amplify Your Website Speed

● Site-Protect, Increased Spam Protection

● Site-Health, Website Analysis

● Site-Comments, Explode Your Website Engagement

● site feedback, A Focus Group for Your Website

● Advanced Website Training

● Site SSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption) Hosting Features & Benefits

● 24/7 Managed Monitoring

● 24/7 Automated monitoring

● 24/7/365 Site Support – Average Response < 5 minutes!

● Virus & Malware protection

● Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites Site-Content Features & Benefits

● The Ultimate Writing Platform

● Beautify Your Content With Over 1,000,000 Beautiful Graphics.

● Grammar & Spelling Perfection

● Plagiarism Checker

● Templates for Efficiency Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche & Website Research

● Keywords & Opportunity is Unlimited.

● Site-Rank, Tracking Your Website Rankings

● Niche Revelation & Discovery

● Reverse Engineer Successful Websites

● Brainstorming New Ideas

● Uncover Incredibly Valuable Domains Community Features & Benefits

● 24/7/365 Help

● Networking With over 2 MILLION Members Strong

● Expert Mentoring and Support

● Ambassadorship Program Access

As you can see this training and community is huge over 2 million members to network with, WA is still growing giving you a better

chance as a beginner or even for a premium member to make it as an affiliate marketer! Here is the latest screenshot was taken as I write this.

As you can see above this guy had a little windfall just by adding free training to help support members, you get paid in credits then you can cash in and add this to your PayPal account anytime you want.

How much does premium membership cost?

You have the choice to go monthly premium at $40 pm or you have the option to save money and go yearly at $300 per year. With premium membership, you get everything including the massive community. Personally I think for what you get for the starter package at WA this is the best I have seen out there that is completely free. You have nothing to lose, even if you just want to look around it is still free.

The Cons

OK so for the cons, a lot of the training videos are outdated, however, Google still encourages the training methods in 2020 because the training is ethical and legal and encourages writing up to date relevant content, exactly what Google wants! Even despite all of the recent algorithm updates, Google loves this method and this still works today.

As of from 2020 WA looks like they are going to be making massive updates throughout all the training they provide to the community. this is great news from them.

In the training, Facebook marketing and email marketing and YouTube training are not covered. Again it looks like they are looking at this throughout 2020?

This is also the reason I wrote this post on what is wealthy affiliate about so I can help you out on more of a personal level. If you decide to join I will connect with directly inside.

You can sign up today for free like I said its free to join. Grab this opportunity today and join up for your FREE training. I will be adding more value and training also in later posts. Sign up here:


To sum it then I have offered you a great free training program to get started with. This includes a massive community of great friendly people from all different levels of affiliates who are willing to help! This is ideal for you if you are on a small limited budget and looking for online work from home jobs. You can get started with two free websites with hosting included and you get access to loads of free training.

I have yet to find something out there that matches wealthy affiliate for the price and the free starter membership it’s one not to be missed. I can not find anything out there like WA and as we talked about earlier they have a brilliant affiliate program to help you generate recurring monthly commissions.

I highly recommend heading over and signing up for free and have a look around.

If you don’t want affiliate marketing training then you are in the wrong place! If you don’t risk anything you risk everything! Make the most of online work from home jobs

Sign up to WA here:

Karl Richards.

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